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In The Morning Comes To Italy!!

Hello friends,

Hoping this note finds everyone very well, and off to a good start of the new Fall season.  Happy to report that we had a great run of Summer screenings for IN THE MORNING.  Our last screening in Chicago at the Black Harvest Film Festival was really incredible.  Our first showing there was on a pouring, rainy Tuesday night, while a tornado watch was in progress.  I was certain that no one would come.  To my surprise, I was wrong, we ended up having a full, and very enthusiastic audience.  This meant so much to me, and was a powerful reminder of the fact that the demand to see more films like ours truly exists.  That experience really motivated me to take a huge leap of faith forward towards making our film available to broader audiences.  I look forward to sharing more on that soon!

For now, I’m thrilled to share that we’ll make our Italian premiere on October 1st, at the 19th annual Terra Di Siena Film Festival.  So many people contributed so much time and love to make this happen.  From subtitle translations, to printing and shipping new copies, it takes a village to make our international screenings happen and I am eternally grateful for all of the amazing people who contributed.  None of this would be possible without community, thank you!  It’s been beautiful to share our film about love and vulnerability all over, including in unexpected places like Siena, Italy.  From there, we’ll close the Gary International Black Film festival in Gary, Indiana on October 11th.  Our stories matter, all over the world.

What a journey it’s been for us, thank you for believing in this film from the beginning!  Leaving you with an image with all of the info about our upcoming screening in Siena.  We can’t wait!  Looking forward to sharing more good news soon!With love light and gratitude,