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Hello Friends,

I hope everyone is well and enjoying what (for us on the east coast) is finally beginning to feel like Spring! A quick update to share some exciting things happening for our film IN THE MORNING:

First up, one of our wonderful Producers, Jamia Tyler hosted an AMAZING screening/fundraiser for us last weekend in Portland. It was our first time experiencing the film with an audience. If the reactions from our work in progress are any indication of what’s to come, whew!! WE CAN’T WAIT!! Wonderful evening, lively discussion (during and after : ) AND thanks to our very generous guests, we raised the funds for our sound mix to commence. A huge accomplishment, we are so thankful!

On Thursday, our sound mix began. Words can’t express how exciting that day was for me! It’s another major major step towards completing this marathon of a journey. The best part is working with the amazing Paul Hsu. Paul has mixed so many films I love for directors I admire like Michel Gondry, Ang Lee, George C. Wolfe, Sam Mendes and the mighty Spike Lee. He loves our little movie and I’m thrilled, honored and still a little shocked to have him on board : ) He’s one of the many exceptional and generous artists who’ve been apart of our film. I’m so grateful!!

Again, thank you for your support thus far. I look forward to sharing more good news soon. Leaving you with a few pics from our mix session, it was a great day!

With love, light and gratitude,