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Exciting Times Ahead!

Hello ITM Family!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far.  It’s been a tremendous year and there is much to be thankful for.  I had no idea that embarking on this journey of creating a truly independent feature film would be such an adventure.  I am constantly surprised by what a little faith and determination can achieve!  As this year winds down, I wanted to give you the latest news about our film IN THE MORNING.  It’s been a long road, as we’ve had to move at the pace our resources dictate, but we’ve laid out a clear path to the finished line…. yes we are close to FINISHING THE FILM!!!

Many of you, (as am I) are anxious to see the finished product.  Your support and encouragement throughout this process has been amazing.  To be clear, the pace of completion has been deeply affected by our resources.  It comes down to the numbers.

Here’s the math:  To date, we’ve spent approximately $60,000 to create the film we envisioned.  Because of your generosity and belief in the film, we successfully met, well exceeded : ) our Kickstarter goal, which (after fees) meant $25,000 went directly towards the costs of production.  The remaining $35,000 needed for production, and post-production thus far, I contributed using my personal savings and credit cards.  For someone who has essentially been a freelance artist for the past decade, this is no minor feat.  But when you are passionate and believe in something, you make sacrifices.  I’ve had to step away and work intermittently on other projects in order to continue to support IN THE MORNING and it’s been so worth it!

Here’s what’s needed to complete the film: Score Recording, Music Licensing, Title Design, Sound Mix and Color Timing.  Combined these fees equal $15,000 (Color Timing is the most expensive part of the post process, which alone is $8,000).  Though we’ve submitted our current cut to a few film festivals, we are essentially submitting a film that is unfinished, and I don’t think that gives our film a fair shot.  Here’s why we’re excited, that’s about to change!

Since we wrapped production, I’ve spent much time and energy applying for grants and post-production resources, frustratingly, to no avail.  Having been tapped out financially myself, this was the only path I could see to finishing the film.  A year and a half later, that has changed!  As I’ve learned so clearly after setting out on this course, there is never just one way.  It just takes a little ingenuity.  So I got to brainstorming, and we figured out a new path.  Our producers and I have planned a series of exciting fundraisers to take us step by step through the remaining steps towards completion.  By the Spring, we plan to have completed IN THE MORNING.  I can finally see the finished line, I’m thrilled!

We’ll be sharing more frequent updates as we forge ahead.  Again, thank you for your support thus far.  I’m am truly looking forward to sharing our upcoming milestones, victories, and soon, the film!  The progress continues!!!  A few people have asked, so I’m sharing,  you can always make a contribution through the support tab here on our website.  Speak soon!

With love, light and gratitude,