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Dear friends,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far!  After some time away, I’m happy to report on some wonderful progress that we’re making on our film IN THE MORNING.  We have welcomed a new editor, Rebecca Beluk to the team.  She and I have set aside the next few weeks to work consistently together towards finalizing our edit.  I get to work on our film every day.  This is a privilege that I am beyond excited about!  I have only been able to have two edit sessions since last October, literally.  As frustrating as that has been at times, one of the many great things this process has taught me is to trust in delays.  The time spent away has given me the opportunity to continue to study my craft, and to return to the work with a clearer vision and understanding of what it needs.  I also had the opportunity to work on another project for six months, with a director I greatly admire. Along with constantly learning, this allowed me to set aside enough funds to get us through this next stage of Post Production….  Including doing some additional shooting!

We have welcomed some incredibly talented artists to the IN THE MORNING family.  Jazz musician/composer Enoch Smith Jr., has joined us to compose the original score for our film.  Also, In March, the award winning cinematographer, Bradford Young and I spent a day capturing additional images with key members of our cast.  In the past few weeks, cinematographer Mikko Timonen and I spent an evening and early morning capturing additional images of Brooklyn.  I’m certain that these beautiful new images and wonderful new music will enhance and strengthen our film.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you that The Huffington Post is streaming my first short film, made in 2007 entitled ‘I Want You,’ as part of their Black Voices/ Breakthrough Theater contest.  If you have a moment, please visit the website and vote for ‘I Want You!’  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/16/black-voices-breakthrough-theater-i-want-you_n_3605705.html  The winning film will receive $5,000 and if selected, I’d be able to use those funds towards the completion of our film, IN THE MORNING.  How exciting is that!?!!!

I’m leaving you with an image from our shoot with Bradford, featuring one of our leading ladies Kim Hill, along with a frame grab of one of the dreamy, sun drenched moments captured….  It was a beautiful day!  We are making progress!!!!  Thank you for continuing to support us along this journey.  Looking forward to sharing more good news soon!

With love, light and gratitude,