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Pre-Production, Schedules, Rehearsals and Gratitude

Dear friends:

I hope this post finds you well, with the new year moving along gracefully. We are up and running full speed ahead with our film, IN THE MORNING. Pre-Production is blissfully going forward with the help of our amazing team of producers who are working diligently. We are fully cast, and currently in rehearsals. I’m incredibly excited about the eclectic group of artists we’ve assembled to bring our characters to life. To help guide their process, and bear witness to their interpretations of the characters as we work to build them together, is an amazing experience.

Next month, principal photography begins. We have an ambitious 9 day shooting schedule ahead of us. It’ll be a challenge that our team is more than ready to meet.

IN THE MORNING would not be possible without YOU. Again, we thank you. Next week, we’ll make our cast announcement, and as we get closer to our shoot dates we’ll go live on Twitter and Facebook, so that you can get daily glimpses into our journey.

To have the opportunity to make this film, holding hands with a team of remarkable people that I love and respect, with the support of our community, is an extraordinary dream come true. Hold good thoughts for us as we continue to move forward.

Sending love, light and unyielding gratitude~