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Just A Few Weeks Away!!

Dear Friends,

I’m excited to report to you that we are just a few weeks away from shooting IN THE MORNING! It is truly a dream come true, and we could not have done it without you. We’re thrilled to have a dynamic team of talented women working together to produce this film: Erin Judd, Jamia Tyler and Safidi Tyehimba. We’ve all been working, around the clock, and I mean around the clock, to make this film a reality. In three weeks, we shoot!!

We’re still in need of one location, a cafe/restaurant in Brooklyn. We’re working on a small budget and a whole lot of love : ) so relationships are key! If you can recommend a place, please email me. Also, please send cast or crew suggestions, to inthemorningcastandcrew@gmail.com.

Again, we thank you for your belief in this film. I look forward to keeping you posted on the progress of IN THE MORNING.

With love light and boundless possibility