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The Final Four

Dear Friends,

We have officially reached the LAST WEEK OF THE CAMPAIGN.  There are FOUR DAYS left to fund IN THE MORNING!  It has been an exciting couple of days, as we have just crossed $16,000 and are 64% funded!  We have four days left to get to our goal of $25,000.  I know we can get there!  I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your kindness and generosity.  Since we launched this campaign, the outpouring of support has been tremendous.  It really has been a dream come true, to share this vision with so many others.

Great news for the week, on Thursday, to bring us home, Women in Media-Newark will host a fundraiser for IN THE MORNING, I’m excited to represent for my hometown!  If you’d like to join us, or invite a friend, you can get more info on the events page  http://inthemorning-thefilm.com/events/  If we reach our funding goal by Friday at 11:59pm EST, WE’LL SHOOT IN THE MORNING IN NOVEMBER.  We can do it, with your help!  Please continue to share this project with your friends via email or on Facebook and Twitter (or get old school and pick up the phone : ) and let them know why you pledged and encourage them to visit our page and see what the film is all about.  Send reminders to those who expressed their support, now is the time to become an official backer!  Help us spread the love, so we can make this film about love and all of it’s complexities.  Together, we will make IN THE MORNING!!  Please support us on Kickstarter.

There is an endless list of friends, family, fellow artists as well as new friends and supporters who’ve championed this film, and I’m forever indebted and forever grateful for this— thank you for believing in me.

With love, light and boundless possibility,